Monday, June 30, 2008

Queen Car

Crowded streetcar
Too late for morning rush hour.
Elderly couple board.
Each seems to need help
As they hand each other
Up steps, pay fares
Move carefully to seats

Reserved for aged
Or handicapped.
They chat comfortably.

A few stops later
Second couple boards:
Elderly, but less.
No help needed...
Except info from driver.
They are tourists.
Map in hand,
Man asks if we're headed
For Yonge Street.
He stumbles on pronounciation,
Unsure. Driver confims
Both pronounciation
And destination.
Then they discuss fares.
Couple seat themselves
Behind driver to search
Coin purses for exact change.
As they peer at unfamiliar
Currency, woman of first couple
Says, here take these tickets.
You'll save a lot of money
Instead of paying cash.
Second couple look up
In confusion, then
As woman reassures,
They accept with grace.