Monday, June 30, 2008

Same Day, Same Queen Car

I sit not reading
Because I'm enjoying
Warm glow from
One couple's kindness
To the other.

Idly, I stare out window.
We stop at red light.
People cross in front.
One of them is
Very large woman:
Neatly dressed,
But there's no hiding
Her size.
She uses cane deftly.
I wonder if her size
Is cause or effect.

As she approaches
Sidewalk, light changes.
Woman with cane
Pivots to cross
Other way.
She notices errant
Discarded drink box
At edge of sidewalk
Where it might block
Or cause misstep
To next pedestrian.

Without missing step
She wields cane
In gentle poke...
Moves offending box
To place where it
Won't blow away...
To place where it
Will be accessible to trash collector...
To place where it
Can't be a risk to